Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Been a few years since I put anything here. Mud graduates from college in a few months. She also informed me that I am going to get a new name shortly thereafter, Grandpa. Just feeling really old now. Excited for her, but very worried as well. She is still very petite. Complications happen, and I have had dreams in the past that don't work out so well. My little girl isn't so little anymore.

Tell your loved ones you love them, there will come a time when they won't be there.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


What defines depression? Is it when I read or see anything about military members or veterans dying from an IED or suicide and I start crying? The alcohol doesn't help anymore. Every time I hear about one I wonder if it is someone I know.

When I was a young lad on my first assignment in Germany my room mate tried to kill himself because he "missed a movement" which means he wasn't on the truck when the advance team left to go on a deployment. We didn't know it until several days later when the german hospital people finally got through to us where we were. I never thought Kevin would even think about it let alone try it. He was happy and jolly and everyone liked him. He ended up being in the hospital for several months before they let him come back to the unit. His actions made it impossible for him to re-enlist and he went back to Wisconsin at the end of his enlistment. It sucked, I liked him, he was a great room mate. About 4 months later the hallway phone rang in the middle of the night, his fathr called me to tell me that he had tried again and succeeded. I was 20 years old and didn't know what to say. I didn't go back to bed, I just sat on my couch until it was time to go in. No one else could believe that he had committed suicide.

I still wonder to this day why he did it. He had so much going for him. Did something happen when he got home that sent him down the path to this end? 25 years and I still wonder what he would have done with his life. Would he change the world? Would he marry the woman of his dreams and have several children? Would one of them become president? Would they save the world from alien invaders? What would it have been like if he had not killed himself? Why did he have to waste it all?

Tell your pookie that you love them and make a nice day.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Out of shape

Out of shape. Ouch, I guess round is a shape, just not one I care for. In order to help flatten the round out I purchased a set of bike rollers so that I can ride my bike inside when the weather is blah. They showed up the other day and adjusted them to the correct size for my bike. I gave them a quick try and realized that it might be harder than people on the internet have said it is. I have been trying for the past few days to get the rhythm down so that I can actually ride on them. So far the longest time I have been able to stay on them is about 45 seconds. It will get away from you in a heartbeat! I haven't needed my helmet yet, but there have been a couple times were I was wondering if I should have been wearing it! I guess the only thing to do is keep practicing.

What else is going on? Mud is in college now. She is taking College Algebra, English Comp 1, Intro to Forensic Science, and General Psychology 1. My little girl has grown up.

Friday, June 13, 2014


I must be getting crotchety in my old age. Why you ask? Because I get tired of people really quickly. I have the urge to move somewhere in the middle of nowhere just so I don't have to hear them or interact with them on a social level. At least face to face. The life of a hermit is looking very nice. It would have to be warm, with high speed internet...

Tell your Pookie you Love them and make a nice day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


While I was in Florida for Mud's graduation, Gorgeous let me know that the washer died. It wouldn't do anything. It was probably 11 years old so I just figured it was time to replace it. I know I have pulled it apart and fixed it twice when something broke on it. When I got back from Florida we went to Sears and purchased the one she had picked out. Delivery time was two weeks, so she had to wash clothes next door. It got delivered yesterday and I paid for installation, but they didn't hook it up because they couldn't get one of the old hoses off. When I got home everything was just sitting there in the hallway, so I got out the channel locks and managed to get the hose off along with half of the faucet. Trip to Home Depot and then again to Lowes to get a new one. Got the new one installed and everything connected and plugged in, push the start button and nothing. Went to the breaker box and found that the washer breaker was tripped. Joy. Spent a crapload of money because the breaker was tripped. I even asked Gorgeous if she checked the breaker and she told me the dryer worked...

Remember to tell your Pookie you love them!

Thursday, June 05, 2014


It has been almost a year since I posted anything. Far cry from the once a week I used to be lucky enough to do. Mud turned 18 and she graduated high school. My little girl isn't a little girl anymore. She is still living with her mother down on the Space Coast, ironically enough where I started this blog at. I miss her so much. Some days I just don't feel like coming home. Like this is just where I sleep and nothing more. Even though Gorgeous and the boy are here, the house seems empty. The boy hardly ever comes out of his room, even for food. Which is weird. When I was his age I was always looking for food. Gorgeous is always working on some project, which she has about a dozen that in progress. I wonder when any of them will ever get completed.

More news, the company I work for has switched all of us to teleworkers, so I am in my basement office a whole lot nowadays. It can be a little depressing since there are no windows, but it is somewhere to put all the computers.

Mud and I after the commencement ceremony

Friday, September 13, 2013


Been a long time since I had anything I felt I needed to put in writing. Mud turned 17 earlier this year. We bought a car for her to drive, and she had a job over the summer that she enjoyed. Found out a week before school started that she had gotten into drugs with a friend from work. Not just marijuana. She was doing acid. She also had a male friend that is too old for her that she was hiding from me. If I could find the pedophile I would have the police talk to him. We took the car away, her phone was suspended, her laptop was blocked from the internet unless she was with one of us. She decided that she couldn't live like that because she wanted to do drugs with her friends. "Since there is nothing wrong with drugs, just the government trying to control everything we do."

She ended up hitting Gorgeous. I put her in the car and drove about halfway to her mother's before Gorgeous called me and begged me to bring her home. Mud and I talked for about an hour and a half before she decided she wanted to go home instead of her mothers. Three days later she talked to her mother and her mother told me she was coming to get her that Friday.

Maybe it is for the best that she moves away from this area and get away from the bad influences. I miss her a great deal though. I feel like I have failed to protect her and raise her right. I know Gorgeous is feeling hurt as well since Mud doesn't answer us and won't call us.

I miss my little girl.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Semi Annual post

Where do I start? I can't start from the beginning because I have forgotten it. Somewhere in the middle? I guess so. You can always ask questions if you want and I will try to answer them. Maybe. Yes I wear underwear! Mostly... Sometimes they are even clean!

So beginning of October I decided to use the Jeep Liberty in front of me as a brake. I recommend not trying that yourselves. It worked, but it left an impression on the hood of my Envoy. As well as the fenders pushed back into the doors and the rest of the front end crunched back where it isn't supposed to be. Lots of liquid all over the ground where it isn't supposed to be. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and the Jeep didn't have whole lot of damage, and he didn't crawl out holding his neck and back.After a week the insurance company let me know that they were totaling it. I wasn't real thrilled to hear that, but when they told me how much they were giving me for it, I got much happier. I was guessing they would give me blue book value, turns out they gave me fair market value for my area, which was almost twice what I was expecting. Yay me. So I went truck shopping. I had been looking at used Chevy trucks and had sort of narrowed it down to three. I decided to go look at the GMC dealer and see what they had on the lot. I got to talking with one of the salesman and found out that with my military discount and the current incentives, it was cheaper for me to buy a brand new 2012 model. Umm, ok. So now I am the proud driver of a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab. Black. Now I have Nerf bars and under seat storage compartments and remote start key fobs on my amazon wish list.

This past weekend I was doing some finishing work in the basement when I went to move a wire, I pulled the staple out and it just fell out. Not good. So what do guys do? I poked the 2x4 and my finger went into it almost to the second knuckle. Lovely. Went after it with a hammer and then decided we needed to call a bug guy. Yep, termites. Lovely. So we are going to have to decide on a company to handle the termite spraying and then I have to get all the damage fixed. I had a drink that night.

I am also thankful that all this politic crap will be done with tomorrow. At least it is supposed to be finished. Hopefully you voted.

Tell your Pookie you love them and make a nice day!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Time sure flies when you aren't paying attention. It is hard to believe it has been 10 months since I last posted. Yes I am still alive. Wondering why I haven't won the lottery yet though. When I do, I have a private island already picked out. Only costs $10,000,000. It has a resort already built and can have everything back up and running in a day. 511 acres. It should do for me. I'll make it a Caribbean nudist resort. Just so I can see all the rich old ladies naked. Cause I am still perverted like that.

I miss HNT also. Hated to see it end. I reckon people still do it, but Os isn't the main man nowadays. All things must end though.

Other fun things, couple weeks ago I got really drunk and told a few people to fuck off. Evidently I also asked my mother-in-law to take her teeth out and blow me. My father-in-law fell out of his chair laughing. I got so raunchy my friend had to tell his teenage boys to go downstairs. That's a new low for me. They thought I was hilarious. Told me I should do it more often. I didn't realize I was that uptight.

Last Friday another big step in life happened for me. I took myself out of the gene pool. Wasn't a lot of fun.The appointment was for 1700, I didn't get in to see the doctor until 1845. Then it seemed like he was enjoying himself as he "checked me out". Then he stuck a needle in to the boys and numbed me up. Or so I thought. Evidently he thought so too. He did one part with the laser then moved to another spot and wouldn't you know it, he found a spot that wasn't numb. Can you guess what I did then? You got it, I yelped like a little girl and jumped about two feet straight in the air. He apologized and stuck the needle back in and numbed me up some more, then went back in with the laser and got that side done. Then he started on the other side. He got the first part done and then he found the other spot that wasn't numb. Jumped again on that one. Afterwards he told me to hold the gauze and left. The nurse came back in about 10 minutes later and told me I could get dressed. I put the jock strap on and was ready to leave. Glad I don't have to do that more than once.

That brings us up to date for the last couple of weeks. You'll have to guess about the missing months in between. Tell your Pookie you love them and make a nice day!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Today was a good day and a heartbreaking one also. Today I started a new job. Only took 11 months. So glad I finally have a job, and I like the people there. Unfortunately we had to say good bye to our foreign exchange student today. She went home to China. I didn't realize when she was here how much she had become part of our family. When we sat down to dinner and had the empty chair is when it hit home that part of our family was now gone. She has been accepted to a boarding school in New Hampshire so she will be coming back to the US and for the short breaks she will come visit us. We are talking about hosting another student next year also. It was a good experience for us and we have great memories because of it. That is all I have now.

Make a nice day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

F Georgia!!!!

I am so sick and tired of Georgia being the craphole it is! I got a speeding ticket last August. I paid the fine and moved on. I decided to transfer my Florida license to here so I can get tags for the cars cause evidently it is against the law to have out of state tags here. Went up and got my picture taken and everything, they gave me my temporary paper license and told me the permanent one would "be in the mail". Fuckers lied!!! Turns out there is another fee for a "superspeeder" that they don't tell you about and now I don't have a license, because they suspended my license! I was able to get on the website and look at it and now it says my new Georgia license was denied. So now I have to go in and to the DMV and try to get a license again. Which they will probably try to charge me for again. I hate this fucking state!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I have been thinking lately about a story that my Grandfather told me shortly after Grandma passed away. They were married for 57 years, and I know he missed her terribly after she passed away. Anyway he was telling me about when they first got married back in the Great Depression. The first morning after they were married, Grandma proudly made breakfast for Grandpa like she would for the remainder of her life. Eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. I remember laughing very hard when Grandpa informed me the he always hated coffee and could barely stand it, but I stopped laughing and got a tear in my eye when he told me he drank the coffee and ate his breakfast every morning when Grandma made it because he loved her too much to hurt her feelings by telling her he hated coffee. I think that is probably a pretty good description of Love.

Tell your Pookie you Love them, drink the coffee and Make a nice day!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mud wants to grow up

I wish I could keep my little girl little for a few more years. She wants to grow up so bad and be bad. I got up early this morning before the kids left for school and she was dressed in tight black skinny leg jeans with black stripper heels. I looked at her and told her no and she knew right away I was talking about the heels, and started her argument with, "I've worn them to school before and they are ok!". Not with me they aren't. Maybe next year when I am more used to the idea of her growing up. Right now I am not ready to let her wear the stripper heels to school as a freshman!

Just shoot me now. Make a nice day.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Here it is almost Halloween and I am still unemployed. How do people do this? I have applied for every job that I think I can even fake knowing how to do, and yet, nothing. I guess I can't stress enough to any of the younger generation, GO TO COLLEGE AND GET YOUR BACHELORS DEGREE AT LEAST!!!!!

As an upside to all this free time I have on my hands, I have finished one room, got all the electrical and drywall done in another, and I am working on the electrical in yet another room in the basement. I need to get the drywall up so I can put doors in. Mud isn't happy not having a door for her room. Oh well, she'll live without it for awhile. She has the basement to herself for the most part.

I just thought I would let everyone know I am still alive. Tell your Pookie you Love them and Make a nice day!